Educational Programs

Penn Violence Prevention collaborates with students and staff across campus to offer a number of comprehensive educational programs focused on relationship violence, sexual violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. Presentations, trainings, and workshops can be individualized based on the particular needs of the audience. Campus groups and organizations that plan to host their own programs are encouraged to contact the Penn Violence Prevention staff for consultation and support.


Workshops usually ranging from 90 minutes to 2 hours can be presented to groups both large and small and can cover a range of topics related to relationship violence, sexual violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. PVP workshops are designed to be interactive and informative and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual groups. Below is an overview of the available workshops. 

  • It Ends With Me: Bystander Intervention @ Penn (“The PAVE Presentation”)
    Facilitators: PAVE, a co-ed peer education group
    Goal: Focus on the role all students play in speaking up against interpersonal violence and encourage action.
  • Advanced Bystander Intervention
    Facilitators: PAVE, a co-ed peer education group
    Goal: Expand on the skills taught in “It Ends With Me,” unpacking how power and privilege factor into interpersonal violence. Explore how to overcome barriers to intervention while keeping oneself and one another safe.
  • Call It What It Is: Addressing Sexual Harassment
    Facilitators: PVP Staff
    Goal: Focus on the role we play in speaking up against sexual harassment and encourage action.
  • Overview of Penn Resources
    Facilitators: PVP Staff
    Goal: Understand the offerings of on and off campus resources related to sexual and interpersonal violence.
  • Conversations About Consent
    Facilitators: PAVE, a co-ed peer education group and/or PVP Staff
    Goal: Build an understanding of consent and the skills needed to practice it across all relationships.
  • Supporting Survivors
    Facilitators: PVP Staff
    Goal: Using a trauma-informed lens, learn how to best support survivors immediately after experiencing violence, and during their healing journey.
  • Customized Workshop
    Facilitators: PVP Staff
    Goal: After a consultation with PVP staff, a customized workshop can be created to meet your specific needs!

New Student Orientation (NSO) Programs

Thrive at Penn (TAP) is an online program that assists students with their Penn experience. TAP prepares students for their university experience and provides information about resources available to support students. Our module focuses on healthy relationships, consent, policies on interpersonal violence, and resources for students who have experienced interpersonal violence. Other topics covered include thriving at a research university; wellness and health; the risks associated with alcohol and other drugs; and resources specific to your needs during freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years. TAP is sent to all incoming undergraduate and graduate students prior to arriving at Penn.

Consent Circles is an annual consent education program for all incoming students. These hour-long sessions are facilitated by peer educators who are trained to host conversations on consent and interpersonal violence (IPV) with their fellow students. In addition to equipping incoming students to discuss and practice consent. Consent Circles also inform students of the resources available at Penn where students who have been impacted by interpersonal and/or sexual violence can access support. All first-year students will have the opportunity to explore topics related to consent and interpersonal violence in a supportive and approachable environment with their peers.

Programs from Our Campus Partners

Self Defense and Empowerment Training

Special Services, a department in the Division of Public Safety, offers free self defense classes for all members of the Penn community and their children. These classes include RAD. For more information, contact Susan Dever, Support Specialist, Department of Special Services at 215.898.4481 or

I CARE Training

Student Health and Counseling offers I CARE, an interactive gatekeeper training for students, faculty, and staff that builds a caring community with the skills and resources to intervene with student stress, distress, and crisis. To learn more about I CARE or to request a training for your Penn group, see the I CARE webpage.