Greek Life and Athletics

Workshop Request Guidelines

If you are looking for a workshop to fulfill you team or chapter’s requirement for sexual violence prevention education, please read the below guidelines. Requests for Fall workshops are due Saturday, February 3rd. Incomplete or late requests are processed on a rolling basis and will be subject to PVP capacity and availability. Any requests made after February 10th may be deferred to Fall 2024.

Here’s what you need to know before requesting a workshop from us: 

For Athletics teams, this should always be the Student-Athlete Success Coordinator, who will connect with you early in the semester to confirm your team’s availability.

For Greek organizations, a member of the chapter’s leadership should submit the request.  

Please note: the person submitting the request is responsible for communicating with PVP and their group about the workshop promptly.

The following foundational workshops meet Greek life and Athletics requirements for sexual violence prevention education: 

  • Conversations About Consent builds understanding of the elements of consent and empowers students to practice it in their daily lives and relationships.  
  • It Ends with Me: Bystander Intervention at Penn equips students with strategies to prevent and intervene on violence as active bystanders.  

These workshops also meet requirements for returning member education for IGC and IFC chapters: 

  • Advanced Bystander Intervention expands on the skills taught in “It Ends With Me.” All attendees must have completed both foundational workshops to request this workshop. 
  • Supporting Survivors gives students an understanding of the impacts of interpersonal violence and guidance on best practices for supporting survivors in their lives.  

If your group has not completed our consent workshop in the last 2 years, please request Conversations About Consent! Alternatively, if your group has completed both foundational workshops in the past 2 years, we encourage you to request the Advanced Bystander Intervention or Supporting Survivors workshop. If you’re unsure of your group’s familiarity with consent or bystander intervention, opt for a foundational workshop. 

If your group has a unique need that would better be met with individualized content, PVP offers custom workshops tailored to your audience. Custom workshops must be requested at least 3 weeks in advance and are subject to PVP availability.  

Most workshops are facilitated by peer educators, who are trained and supervised by PVP staff. Given the standardization of course times, our educators tend to have overlapping availability with their fellow students in Athletics and Greek life! Based on facilitator availability and past workshop scheduling data, we come up with 30 pre-set workshop dates for you to choose from each semester. When requesting your workshop, please choose your top 3 preferred dates, and PVP will follow up to confirm a final date with you.  

Athletic teams should schedule for a date in their team’s off season, for times that aligns most closely with practice. Greek organizations should schedule for a time that aligns with a majority of their target audience’s availability (for fall, returning members & officers; for spring, new members).

Most groups require that 100% of their athletes or chapter members attendvia council bylaws, NCAA regulations, or department policy. These requirements are typically enforced by JIB, NCAA, Title IX, and the Department of Education. Being out of compliance (falling below 100% attendance) can result in a variety of consequences for your division or chapter. 

It’s up to coaches and student leadership to ensure attendance requirements are met – so please, communicate that the workshop is mandatory, and an incredibly important part of maintaining a culture of consent and community care at Penn!  

Even if your group requires just 80% attendance, we highly encourage marketing the workshop as mandatory for all members. This allows for last minute absences due to illness or emergencies, while preserving the likelihood of meeting that 80% requirement. 

Individuals unable to attend their group’s scheduled workshop in full, including absences due to illness or emergency, must attend PVP’s prescheduled, population-specific make-up workshop at the end of the semester (date announced by November). Your chapter/team’s workshop and our make-up workshop are the only two opportunities to ensure compliance for your group through PVP. We cannot offer additional workshops to chapters or teams beyond this. 

If your entire group does not attend their scheduled workshop (“no shows”), you will need to obtain sexual violence prevention education outside of PVP to ensure compliance. This typically comes in the form of a costly (and monotonous) online curriculum. 

Attendance requirements for various groups are summarized below. If you have questions, clarifications, or concerns regarding compliance with these requirements, please connect with the relevant staff in your department (Athletics or OFSL). 

For Athletics, 100% of students must attend a foundational workshop once a year. 

For Greek life, attendance may be taken by student leadership in the chapter. 

  • IFC returning members must attend a workshop every fall, scheduled by their chapter 
    • At least 80% of chapter must attend 
    • 100% of executive board must attend 
  • IFC new members must attend an annual workshop in the spring 
    • 100% of new members must attend 
  • IGC members must attend “It Ends with Me” (fall) and “Advanced Bystander” (spring) 
    • 100% of members must attend both workshops annually  
  • All PHC chapters must hold an annual chapter-specific workshop open to all members 
    • At least one new member from each chapter must attend a spring workshop 
    • One PHC-wide workshop (coordinated by PHC president) will be held annually 

At PVP discretion, multiple groups of less than 30 attendees may be combined, and single groups of over 50 may be split into multiple workshops. Combining or splitting chapters/teams is coordinated by PVP; PVP staff will consult with your group’s point of contact to gauge appropriateness of combined groups before confirming. 

All workshops are held in person. Please let us know if there is a specific accessibility need in your group that requires a virtual format for the session – at PVP’s discretion, workshops can be held via Zoom for accessibility purposes.  

Your department (OFSL, Athletics, etc) is responsible for reserving and paying for adequate space (including necessary AV equipment) to host the workshop. (Please note: Space and Events typically needs 48 business hours notice to accommodate space and AV requests). 

  • In-person workshops require a screen/projector, audio capability, HDMI to USB-C cord, adequate space and seating for maximum expected attendees plus 2 facilitators. 
  • We cannot accommodate requests to hold workshops in chapter houses. 


For accessibility, we ask that you prioritize buildings with all-gender restrooms and armless chairs with backrests.  

To request a workshop for your group, please fill out the Qualtrics survey by clicking below: